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Weam Namou, founder:

Born in Baghdad to an ancient lineage called the Chaldeans (Neo-Babylonians who still speak Aramaic), Weam Namou is the Executive Director of the Chaldean Cultural Center, which houses the first and only Chaldean Museum in the world. She’s an Eric Hoffer award-winning author of 13 books, an international award-winning filmmaker, journalist, poet, and an Ambassador for the Authors Guild of America [Detroit Chapter], the nation’s oldest and largest writing organization. She hosts a half-hour weekly TV show, and she’s the founder of The Path of Consciousness, a spiritual and writing community, and Unique Voices in Films, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. You can find her on https://www.patreon.com/WeamNamou

Her book, The Great American Family: A Story of Political Disenchantment, won a 2017 Eric Hoffer Book Award and three of her memoir book series received acclaimed reviews by Publishers Weekly. Francis Coppola, the director of the Godfather Saga, and the staff of Zoetrope selected Namou’s script “Pomegranate” as a 2017 quarter-finalist. Last year she completed her first feature documentary The Great American Family (winner of the IndieFest International Film Award (Women Filmmaker category). and is now focusing on her films and teaching others how to achieve their dreams through writing and the arts.

Namou received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Wayne State University, studied fiction and memoir through various correspondence courses, poetry in Prague and screenwriting at MPI (Motion Picture Institute of Michigan). She has given readings, lectures, and workshops at numerous cultural and educational institutions and her poetry, essays, and articles have appeared in national and international journals. In 2012, she received an Outstanding Contributions to the Arts Award from Erootha, a local arts organization.

She is an ordained minister, a certified Reiki Master, Health Facilitator, a Sikkim Guardian, and a graduate of best-selling author Lynn Andrews’ 4-year course of study and training in the sacred healing art.


  • Authors Guild of America (Ambassador)
  • Detroit Working Writers (vice president)
  • Metro Detroit Book and Author Society (Board Member)
  • WISDOM )Women’s Interfaith Solutions for Dialogue and Outreach in Detroit
  •  National Association of Black Journalists (member)
  • Arab America (ambassador)
  • Pachamama Alliance (facilitator)
  • Mesopotamian Art Forum (member)

Chapter 23


Born in Baghdad as a Chaldean, I come from a long lineage of Babylonian healers, wordsmiths, and book lovers. I was raised in America, I’ve traveled the world, wrote a dozen books, and was taught the art of living by the most amazing healers in America.

My rich Babylonian heritage which dates back thousands of years, my educational background, my teachings with spiritual masters, and my travels around the world have helped me make connections with people from different walks of life. I gained valuable knowledge and a sense of culture from each place, adopting the good and leaving the not so good as I formulated the life I desired as a wife, mother of two, an author, filmmaker, and speaker.

The most important thing that I learned is that we help write the story of our lives through our thoughts, words, and actions.

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Namou’s four-part memoir series about her four-year apprenticeship in Lynn V. Andrews mysticism school received acclaimed reviews by Publishers Weekly

Healing Wisdom for a Wounded World: My Life-Changing Journey Through a Shamanic School