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2020 Spiritual and Writing Conference

October 3, 2020

The third annual spiritual and writing retreat will allow you to enhance your writing, personal, and business life with the help of various ancient, sacred and creative teachings, including writing and storytelling. We will be gathering online for our 2020 event on October 3 from 12:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m. EST. This year’s event will be donation based.

Our theme this year will revolve around Thanksgiving. Travel full circle on  the path to gratitude as you explore writing concepts and shamanic wisdom.

Healing and Writing workshops by prominent professionals, meditation and exploring creativity workshops, sound healing, journaling and writing life workshops, and more.

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Founded by Weam Namou, this event is powerful yet practical. Born in Baghdad to an ancient lineage called the Chaldeans, Weam is an award-winning author of 13 books, an international filmmaker, journalist, Reiki Master, and Shaman.

Connect with us through our Contact Page or email us at IMG_5805 (2)spiritualandwritingretreat@gmail.com  

About our Previous Events:

The Path of Consciousness is a spiritual and writing community that offers inspiration and rejuvenation. Enhance your personal, business, and writing life with the help of various ancient sacred and creative teachings. It’s close enough to drive to and far away enough to find peace, spiritual growth, and writing time at an affordable price. Join us for the one-day conference or stay for the three-day retreat. Meals and refreshments are available, as well as overnight accommodations for those who attend the retreat.

Attendees enjoy workshops, classes, and guided meditations. Join us for nature walks, writing classes, gentle yoga, a gong ceremony, a fire ceremony, and walk the labyrinth. Self-care options will be available so that guests may schedule time for a massage or healing session. Writers may use one of our special writing rooms to connect with other authors or to schedule one-on-one time with a writing mentor. Head outdoors and enjoy the beautiful grounds at Colombiere Conference and Retreat Center.

Colombiere Conference & Retreat Center 
9075 Big Lake Rd
Clarkston, Michigan 48346

Colombiere Conference & Retreat Center is nestled on 420 rolling acres of mature pines and hardwoods in Clarkston, Michigan. Located right off I-75, we are less than an hour drive from Detroit, Flint or Lansing. Visit www.colombiere.com for details.


The Path of Consciousness is an idea born from a little spiritual hideaway in the Riviera Maya, Mexico where shamans perform a Mayan ceremony using a Temazcal steam bath. This relaxing mystical old-age rite is good for the soul and mixes a spiritual journey with an encounter with the basic elements of our planet: water, fire, earth, and wind.

Similarly to the Temazcal steam bath in the Riviera Maya, this community is about reconnecting to our inner power, healing and transforming ourselves, and creating a better world for our families and communities.

A number of medical schools such as Columbia University now have Narrative Medicine master’s program, recognizing the power that practices such as the art of storytelling provides for people to heal and grow.

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Unique Voices in Films is hosting the 2020 Spiritual and Writing Conference & Retreat

We believe that our personal and family stories, and how we tell them, are directly related to our health and well being. Educating our communities in the intelligent use of books, films, and personal writing can nurture communication and creativity as well as therapeutic and transformational tools that bring individuals and communities together. This event is hosted by Unique Voices in Films (UVF), a 501 (c)(3) whose goal is to support meaningful and inspiring stories that inspire, empower, teach, and make the world a better place. This event is designed to help guests to connect with physical, emotional, spiritual and mental healing techniques and practices.


The mission of Unique Voices in Films (UVF), a  501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, is to develop and promote uplifting media that encourages cultural diversity and underrepresented points of view currently ignored by mainstream media.

Philosophy / Values 

We believe that stories matter. Books, films, media, and education can be used to nurture communication and creativity as therapeutic and transformational tool that could change people on an individual, community, and worldwide basis.


Support meaningful and inspiring stories by using media, films, education, and grassroots volunteer participation that inspires, empowers, teaches, and makes the world a better place.

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