We are grateful for the wonderful feedback we have received regarding The Path of Consciousness Conference and Retreat. Here are some of the beautiful thoughts that have been shared regarding our event:

“This is a lovely weekend to work on body, mind and spirit. The sessions and teachers are amazing. I came away renewed, refreshed and ready to write. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it;I reconnecting with spirit in a way I hadn’t in years.”  ~ Cynthia Harrison, author of ten books

“This weekend I went to The Path of Consciousness Spiritual and Writing Retreat. As we all were gathering one last time in the chapel of the conference center, I noticed those words in the stained glass. I am still processing every wonderful thing that happened at the retreat. Those two words, literally written on the wall, sum up so many things that I learned throughout the weekend where I walked a labyrinth, recovered my energy, stretched my body with yoga, and meditated to the sound of gongs. There were so many things that I learned about myself.” – Janel Gradowski, USA Today and Amazon #1 bestselling author of the Culinary Competition Mystery Series.  Read More Here

“As a writer, Weam’s sessions on memoir and journaling helped me most.  She encouraged me to reframe challenging circumstances, such care-giving.  Weam  invited her elderly mother to live with her and her family where she would receive compassionate care.  Her mother’s presence made a difference in Weam’s writing. We connect with our higher selves while writing, and if we are working on a calling, as Weam was, The Universe sustains us.  Help may come from friends and family, and Weam’s supported her when she was at home caring for her mother. This gave her time to write.  The energy in her home shifted, healing the family.  In that way the mother served the daughter in crafting her memoirs. When I cared for my husband, suffering from dementia, at first I felt overburdened, but I learned to cherish precious moments with him, some of the best in our marriage.  These memories will remain with me for the rest of my life and enable me to show understanding and empathy in my writing.”  Author Marie Gates

“Almost a year has gone by, yet the 2018 Path of Consciousness Spiritual and Writing Retreat is still vivid in my memory. It was a feast for body and soul. I enjoyed meeting fellow writers, the presentations on writing and beyond, the yoga class and, of course, the gong meditation. I came away feeling rejuvenated and inspired. Thank you, Weam, for organizing it!”   – Elisabeth Khan, freelance writer and formerly editor-in-chief of Gazette van Detroit

“Just as the flower of life extends outward, overlapping in layers, ever expanding like our great universe, gatherings like this are what will heal our world, allowing us to envision and create that which is benevolent and good and share it with others. I offer my gratitude to all who were a part of this event.” – Sonya Julie Read More

“The retreat is still affecting me. The classes have brought forth wonderful change. Thank you.” – Lisa Kay Argo

“The food was very good and I enjoyed the lovely grounds on the nature walk. Weam’s presentations were very informative and humorous. I felt renewed at the gong ceremony.” – 2018 Attendee

“The exercises were very powerful and allowed me to get centered mentally, physically, and emotionally. The quite time to write was important. I love making new connections with like-minded people and I made some new friends who have really had a positive impact in my life.” – 2018 Attendee

“The Colombiere Center has beautiful grounds and it is such a peaceful location for a retreat. The event was close to my home and very affordable, yet I feel like I traveled far away to something very unique and special.” – 2018 Attendee

Janel Gradowski's reflection on the 2018 Path of Consciousness
Janel Gradowski, New York Times Best Selling Author, shared her reflections from the 2018 Path of Consciousness event. Visit http://www.janelgradowski.com/2018/10/11/i-am/ for more.


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