Pomegranate Trailer is Out!

Happy New Year! Hope you had a magical Christmas season.

Last month was quite exciting with holiday celebrations and completing projects I’ve been working on for years. I completed my 15th book, Little Baghdad: a Memoir about an Endangered People in an American City, which will be released on January 15, 2023, Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. Around the same time I’ll begin submitting the feature film Pomegranate to film festivals. And I’m excited to announce that the trailer was just released click HERE to watch now.

This film for me is special and unique for countless reasons, one of them being that it’s the first Iraqi American feature film and led by women talent. The main character, Niran, is influenced and inspired by Enheduanna, a princess, priestess, poet, and the first recorded writer in history from ancient Mesopotamia. In the story, Niran channels Enheduanna’s sense of power, creativity, and individuality through poetry.

Eneheduanna’s disk was discovered in 1927 yet she is hardly recognized in the world. Myself, I have raved about her in all my talks and several of my books since I came across her name over a decade ago. I dedicate a chapter on Enheduanna in my book Mesopotamian Goddesses: Unveiling Your Feminine Power.

If you still haven’t read the book Pomegranate, click HERE to check it out! (available in print, eBook, and audiobook)

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Built in 1814, Marth Mariam Cathedral is a Chaldean Syrian Church—the oldest church in Thrissur, a town in Kerala in southern India. This is where people from the Middle East settled long before St. Thomas arrived at its coast in 52 A.D. to spread the Gospel. They came because it was an international trade center. It was known for its natural resources, such as black pepper, which was highly in demand in the West because it was used as an antibiotic.
INSIDE IRAQ - A TALE OF THREE MAYORS                                        
This article includes an interview with Iraq's first woman mayor Lara Zara. She recently escaped a bomb explosion intended to kill her. “The plan succeeded but it didn’t accomplish its goal of killing me,” she said. “It raised my resistance.”

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